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The rain, wind and cold that homes experience in the Pacific Northwest can take a toll on your windows. Over time, moisture in particular can be very harmful to your home’s windows and interior. On the other hand, a good weatherization program will help keep your home protected from Mother Nature’s harsh elements.

At Express Window Services, we offer reliable window protection solutions and window weatherization assistance that help prevent costly energy bills and damage. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can help you develop a weatherization program that allows your family to enjoy year-round comfort with a restored peace of mind.

Our Weatherization Program Partners

To better serve your interests, Express Window Services maintains weatherization program partnerships with Tacoma Power. In many cases, the weatherization rebates or grants from those partners cover up to 100% of the cost of windows and insulation! Participation in Tacoma Power’s program is based on these eligibility requirements:

  • Your home must have been built prior to 1988.

  • Your home must have electric heat as its permanently installed heating system.

Tacoma Power offers these programs:

  • Rebate only: Pays rebates directly to the contractor based on square footage of the upgrade.

  • Rebate & Loan: TP offers a seven-year, zero-interest loan to pay any costs not covered by the rebate.

  • Grant: Grant eligibility is based on income, including an occupant’s income for rental properties. Qualifying low-income customers may be eligible for a grant that covers the entire cost for new windows and insulation.