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Fogged Window Repair Services in Tacoma

Fogged windows may start to appear once the seal between the two sheets of glass gets compromised from a hole, crack or deterioration caused by sunlight, weather or chemicals. Fog or moisture buildup between glass sheets can also signal that the window unit itself has failed- a problem that won’t get better over time. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

At Express Window Services, we specialize in fogged window repair and replacement solutions for clients in Tacoma, WA, and surrounding communities. Our highly trained technicians exhibit the highest professionalism, craftsmanship and courtesy.

How We Eliminate Window Fog

Even though the glass isn’t broken on a fogged unit, both sheets must be carefully replaced with a factory sealed unit. In a matter of minutes, the experienced professionals from Express Window Services can remove your damaged window unit from the frame and replace it with a new unit.

A fogged window repair project is the perfect opportunity to replace your existing glass with energy efficient glass and foam spacers that insulate your home against heat, cold and moisture. Once we’re through, your family will then enjoy year-round comfort- and lower energy bills- no matter the weather conditions.