Keeping your shower door looking Fresh!

So you’ve got a new shower door, congratulations! There are a few simple steps that can help your shower door to stay as beautiful as the day it was installed.

What causes damage to shower doors?

Let’s start with what causes the damage first. Most of the time it’s scaling and spots from the water. This is caused by the minerals in the water eating away at the glass coatings first, then into the glass. Once that happens, those areas will attract soap scum and more water spots, making it harder and harder to clean. A little regular cleaning can prevent this issue.

Squeegee your door regularly

The best way to prevent hard water from damaging the glass on your shower door is to squeegee the door as often as possible, after each use is recommended. This will prevent the water from drying on the door and etching into the glass coatings or the glass itself.

Dry with a soft cloth

After the door is squeegeed, we suggest drying the glass with a soft cloth. This will get any remaining water off the glass and further improve the longevity of your beautiful shower door.

Use a glass cleaner

You’ll want to use a glass cleaner with a soft cloth and avoid any harsh or abrasive cleaners as these can scratch the glass or coatings on your shower door. Spray on, scrub clean, and buff away any streaks.

Maintaining the glass coatings

Some shower doors have a coating applied after the glass has been manufactured. These may need to be reapplied every so often. Ask your shower door supplier what the scheduled maintenance is on these types of products. Some shower doors have a coating applied during the manufacturing process. These do not need to be reapplied and can be maintained simply by routine cleaning of the shower door. If you haven’t purchased your shower door, be sure to look at both options to see which is best for you!

That’s it! A little time in maintenance will keep your shower door in great shape for years to come!