3 Common Window Repair Mistakes Homeowners Make

Becoming a homeowner is exciting but it also comes with a bit of work! When it comes time to replace or repair your windows there are a ton of things to be taken into account but as long as you don’t make these 3 common mistakes you should be on the right track!

1. Pay for Quality

This is a general rule for any home renovation project, don’t buy the cheap offerings! It ends up being more of a pain than its worth. Even though it might work fine in the short-term, in the long-term it can cause problems that end up costing more than if you just bought the quality choice in the first place! Windows that are not insulated properly, not big enough or plain just don’t look good, are going to cost more down the road. You will need a replacement sooner, or compensate by turning the heat up in the winter. It’s better to pay for quality and have peace of mind.

2. Remember the Weather

It's crucial to choose the ideal windows for your area's environment. Because of the chaotic weather here in the Pacific Northwest, windows need to be replaced knowing they are probably going to take a beating or two over the course of their lifetime. This is where wood and vinyl come into play. To know which is best for your home it is best to call or talk to a professional. Whichever frame type you chose remember to think ahead about the type of weather the window will endure.

3. Hire experience

Hiring experienced individuals to replace and repair windows saves homeowners a ton of headaches. Replacing a window yourself for the first time is usually a frustrating process and if it doesn’t pan out you could be sleeping in a house with a hole in it for a night. Express Window Services has over 30 years of experience and have countless happy customers all around the Pacific Northwest. Give us a call today for a free estimate.